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Ever since I picked up a camera I've learned to try and be a jack of all visual trades.  From film to digital, from weddings to fashion, I have been shooting for more than 15 years now.  

It all started when the photographer who shot my wedding caught wind of the work that I've been doing and allowed me to shadow him during several events.  Hence began my stint as a wedding photographer.

Then, my good friend from my music days invited me to a studio out in Fremont, whose owner later became my studio lighting and fashion photography mentor.  Hence, began my stint as a fashion photographer.

Things change so fast these days that I try to make sure that trends do not compromise my creativity.  When it comes to timeless things like love and your big day, I will always put my best foot forward to have you and your spouse remember your day like it was yesterday.  If you're gearing up for that big audition or next job interview and moving forward into your career I'll make sure your headshots and your comp cards are up to par with industry standards.  

But overall, the connection I have with the people in front of the lens is all that matters to me.  If down the road we happen to work together it's always an honor to be the one to capture your memories.  Your big day, to other milestones, new headshots for auditions and that new job, and to just getting together and being creative fuels my passion to do my best and deliver timeless images for you.  

When I'm not shooting, I have a regular 9 to 5 as a scientist working in the Biotech Bay (as it's so famously called).  I'm a husband and a father of 4.  I love Hawaii, the Hawaiian locals, and Hawaiian food.  I love movies that make you think and of course the plethora of Disney animated movies.  One of these days I wish to shoot a huge fashion campaign and it's a dream of mine to shoot at least one celebrity wedding =)

Thanks!  If you'd like to know more about me don't hesitate to reach out